Most Advanced Numerical Models
for Fluid System Optimization

Commercial CFD tools and ad hoc implementation of in-house models

Maximum Level
of Confidentiality

Client Based Allocation of Human Resource and Information

Advanced Research
and Innovation

Close Relationship with University

NAIS Works

Numerical Investigations to Find Solutions and to Create Know How

Market Sectors


ICE Combustion Efficiency Optimization

Conjugate Heat Transfer  Simulation

Model Implementation in most Commerical CFD Software

Wiebuzzi 0D Combustion Tool

Spray Design Tool

Detailed Chemical Kinetics



Fluid Machinery

Multi-phase Flow

Electrical Components

Thermal Analysis

NAIS Story

The Passion meets the Research

NAIS is a University of Bologna appointed Spin-off Company, founded in 2007.
NAIS mission is to support customer needs to enhance products through the application of the most advanced CFD/CAE numerical simulation methodologies

NAIS provides design services in the field of Computational Fluid Dynamics, thermo-fluid dynamics of reacting and non-reacting flows, multi-phase flows, fluid-power and pneumatic.

2007-2019 A long Lasting Passion