Market sectors


Machinery & Energy

Electronics &
e-Drives technologies

AI & Data Analysis

  • ICE Combustion Efficiency Optimization
  • Conjugate Heat Transfer Simulation
  • Model Implementation in most Commercial CFD Software
  • Wiebuzzi 0D Combustion Tool
  • Spray Design Tool
  • Internal-Nozzle Flow Simulation
  • Detailed Chemical Kinetics


Integration of advanced simulation tools for ICE performance analysis and emissions reduction.

Machinery & Energy

Numerical modelling of fluid machineries for thermal-flow analyis, performance prediction and virtual test-bench implementation.

  • Multi-Phase flow analysis
  • Fluid-machinery performance estimation
  • Vibro-Acoustic Noise analysis
  • Thermal Simulation of complex industrial systems
  • PCB and Components Temperature distribution
  • Thermal stress Analysis
  • Air-Water Cooling Efficiency Optimization
  • Thermal Battery Management
  • Thermal optimization of oil-cooled e-Drives

Electronics & e-Drives technologies

Cooling analysis of electric and electronic components to verify suitable temperature ranges for safe working conditions.

AI & Data Analytics

Advanced data analytics of experimental and simulated designs to accelerate product development and optimization.

  • Advanced design space exploration with surrogate models
  • Customized dashboards for better insights
  • Big Data analytics for sensors and prognostics

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