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NAIS is a University of Bologna appointed Spin-off Company, founded in 2007.

NAIS mission is to support customer needs to enhance products through the application of the most advanced CFD/CAE numerical simulation methodologies.

Maximum Level
of Confidentiality

Client Based Allocation of Human Resource and Information

Most Advanced Numerical Models
for Fluid System Optimization

Commercial CFD tools and ad hoc implementation of in-house models

Advanced Research
and Innovation

Close Relationship with University

Our consulting experience is focused on applied fluid dynamics in multiple industries. We adopt the most advanced analysis and exploration software for solving complex problems and designing new products.

We provide our Know-How for training on the most import CFD software currently available on the market and how to exploit their full potential.

Our company gives great importance to R&D by supporting scientific research projects on innovative topics and financing PhD scholarships.

3D Computational Tools

We work with both commercial CFD tools and ad hoc implementation of in-house models

Integration of advanced simulation tools for ICE performance analysis and emissions reduction.

Numerical modelling of fluid machineries for thermal-flow analyis, performance prediction and virtual test-bench implementation.

Cooling analysis of electric and electronic components to verify suitable temperature ranges for safe working conditions.

Advanced data analytics of experimental and simulated designs to accelerate product development and optimization.


2007-2021 A long Lasting Passion

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